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Massage Therapy Techniques

Acupressure MASSAGE

Acupressure massage therapy is used to access and release blocked and congested energy centers in the body. This involves the use of finger pressure on specific pressure points along the body. This ancient Chinese technique is based on the principles of acupuncture, but without the needles.


Deep tissue massage can help correct and maintain proper structural alignment within the body. It has been proven to help relieve chroni

c pain caused by bad posture, misalignment, and muscle strain or injury.


Cranial Sacral Massage uses light pressure, less than 5 grams, to help promote the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid through the central nervous system, and improve bone mobility within the cranium and sacrum.


Swedish massage is probably what most people think of when they think about a massage. It consists of 5 massage strokes. Each one with a specific purpose and function.


Russian massage is one of the most relaxing and non invasive forms of massage as techniques such as friction and vibration, effleurage ad petrissage are applied to induce relaxation and relieve pain. Depending on the


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Staying Motivated To Exercise

Staying Motivated To Exercise

People often ask me how I keep myself motivated to exercise.  It is not always easy, but here are a couple of pointers that have helped me over the years.

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Mediterranean Moderation

Mediterranean Moderation

Simply consuming more fresh foods, herbs, whole grains, nuts, fish, replacing butter with olive oil, and moving more, you too can consider yourself a part of the Mediterranean diet craze.

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Massage For A Cause

Massage in Salt Lake City for a causeWe are proud to support local organizations that give back to the community.  For more information, please visit our massage for a cause page.

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